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Completed Custom Designed Stained Glass
Book:  How To Commission A Stained Glass Artist

Book: How To Commission A Stained Glass Artist

As owner of Pictures In Glass, owner, Pat Deere was looking for a book capable of showing potential customers what to expect when commissioning a stained glass artist.  This book has simple questions, check lists, and ideas about what to expect.  It also has photos of work completed by the artist for commercial, residential, and spiritual installations.  This book can be purchased, or is often given as a gift at the end of a projected complete with photos of your custom glass work.
Custom designed stained glass. What does that mean?

That means you get the glass you want, in the design you want, in the window or door that you want, to give you the effect you have always wanted to make the room it is installed in more special than any other place in your church, home, or office.

Years of experience have shown us the best way to approach custom work is to listen to our customers needs very closely. Evaluate where the stained glass will be going. Take a look at the light during different times of the day. Look out the window to see what is beyond the glass that will effect its overall look. And finally, come up with a design that will exceed their expectations.

Although custom glass work is not what I do any longer, this page shows several past projects I have completed over the year.


The panel shown here is the most recent commission created by Pat for her customers who requested an organic feel to their art glass. After the customers home was visited and pictures taken, a rough sketch was drawn and discussed. Glass was considered. A more detailed drawing was made. And finally, the customers gave Pat the go ahead to make the art glass panel she thought would best fit that space. The customers are more than pleased and are considering other art for their home in the future.

Custom Designed Silk Screened Bathroom Panels

Custom Designed Silk Screened Bathroom Panels

When the customers came to Pictures In Glass and asked for a set of windows that would let in light, block out the view, and be the focal point for their custom built master bathroom, Pat got to work.

This design, although simple, made the room a place you wanted to slip into the tub and relax for a while. The colors were taken from the wall and floor tile and the design mimics the relief on the ceramic tile in the room.

On the computer, Pat created a complimentary pattern to the tile, the pattern was developed on photo sensitive film and burned onto a screen. The glass paint was then pushed through the screen and fired in the kiln to make it permanent.

Once all of the glass painting was done, the rest of the glass was cut, and the stained glass panel was assembled with lead came. These panels fit into a corner window where the edges meet as shown here.

The sky is the limit when it comes to stained glass.

Kitchen Screen

Kitchen Screen

What a fun project. When this customer renovated their home, the kitchen/dining area was painted yellow because of it's bright happy feeling. On the other side of the wall was the living room painted a beautiful green. The problem came into play when somebody was sitting on the couch, trying to watch tv, and the light from the kitchen would hit them right in the eyes.

This fun design allowed the light to come through, keeping the room bright, without the glare from the lights.

I will often ask my customers what they are looking for. When coming up with designs, I will try to fit that need (financially and from a design standpoint). I will tell them, however, if I come up with a design that I think would be perfect for their space, I will give them that option. That is exactly what happened here. This design is not at all what the customer had in mind. However, when Pat entered their home, listened to their needs, and evaluated the space... this idea immediately came to mind.

The customers love it and are surprised still that they chose this design. This is where it helps to choose the artist because you trust their past projects, but give them the flexibility to do what they do best... create something you won't find anywhere else. After all, if you don't want something custom made, you can pick up production stained glass just about anywhere these days.

Beveled Glass Entry Door with Sidelights and Transom

Beveled Glass Entry Door with Sidelights and Transom

The doors to this home were custom designed to fit their newly renovated entryway. They came to Pictures In Glass asking for a simple design using beveled glass thermopaned to keep the insulation value.

With geometric designs and glass bevels, this was a relatively simple pattern to put onto the computer and change the design without a lot of difficulty. Having a computer generated drawing helped this customer make a decision on which design would work best for them. It was easy to see from the patterns and the number of pieces in each design, why the price changed from one design to the next.

Custom Made Gifts

Custom Made Gifts

Bigger isn't always better. What an unusual gift that will always be remembered.

This mom decided to give her child and spouse a gift that nobody else would find. She had the flags of their origins created in stained glass, framed in glass bevels, and finished with brass came.

Are you trying to figure out what to give your boss for his retirement, your spouse for Christmas, your neighbor who just bought a new home, your friends for their anniversary, or any other occasion that requires something special?

Be sure to call ahead with requests like this to allow enough time for us to come up with an idea you just can't do without. If you like the idea of a custom gift but didn't think about it far enough ahead of time, that is ok. We will work with gift certificates and prepare a nice package for you to give that special person, including a drawing of the proposed stained glass window you have decided on.

Kitchen Cabinet Inserts

Kitchen Cabinet Inserts

The sky is the limit when it comes to stained glass in a kitchen.

This is a very simple, traditional, leaded glass design. The leaded glass panels also carried over into a transom above the kitchen sink.

Custom Window Treatements

Custom Window Treatments

Sometimes you want a beautiful addition to your windows but you can't necessarily pay the price you think it might cost. That is what happened here.

When this customer approached Pat Deere at Pictures In Glass to create a beautiful window on an affordable budget, it was easier done than what the customer thought. To create color without a lot of cost, the windows on both sides of the arch were solid sheets of art glass. This eliminated what could have been higher labor costs. We chose a bevel cluster for the arched window with the border glass matching that on the side panels.

The look is great. The cost was affordable. And what an enhancement for the landing of this home.

Doorwall Windows

Door Wall Windows

As often is the case, sun was becoming bothersome for this customer. When they would sit at their dining room table, the evening sun was blinding. They wanted windows that would compliment all of the colors in their home and block the direct sun.

What resulted was a set of trellis windows using a Uroboros multi colored glass for the trellis, a milky clear/white background glass, and 3 dimensional leaves on vines crawling up the trellis.



Many homes have sidelights along the side of their entry door and homeowners don't know what to do with them.

This customer chose this glass because of it's brilliant color, texture, and privacy factors. They wanted to use glass that would reflect light in the bright evening sun. High faceted jewels were inserted in several places to allow the prism effect to bounce color onto the floor in the evenings.

This is only one idea for sidelights. Like any other window, the possibilities are endless.

Beveled Glass Transom

Beveled Glass Transom

Unfortunately it's not possible to show all of the angles for every stained glass window on this web site. If it was, you would see the beautiful rooms on either side of this transom. It is placed against the high ceiling between the kitching/dining area and the formal dining/living area of this home.

The bevel cluster mimics some of the architecural designs in the room along with the sides of the transom that resemble the columns that separate the living room from the formal dining room.

The transom was installed to give the home a warmer feel and bring the height of the ceilings lower.

Glass Mosaic Floor

Glass Mosaic Floor

Ok - who wants bare feet painted on their bathroom floor? This glass mosaic was installed in the home of the owner of Pictures In Glass, Pat Deere. Walking in the grass barefoot is one of her favorite things to do. So, why not put it in glass?

The window on the opposite wall of the door was designed to compliment the organic feel of the grassy doorway.

Do you have an idea that everybody else tells you is crazy. Well, it's probably not. It just means it's an idea that is different than theirs. That is what custom work is all about.

Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

Although the glass cabinet doors in this photo don't show the detail created, you can see how it has a cohesive look with the rest of the room. That is what was requested by Merillat Cabinet Company when they were creating a brochure for their new line of bathroom cabinetry.


Custom Designed Lamp Shades

Custom Designed Lamp Shades

This unusual little lamp base had a small crack and was missing a leaf, but it was still worth salvaging.

The blue woman was created with lampworking skills, and the leaves going up the base were pressed glass. To compliment the base, a set of complimentary blue textured glasses were used along with Pilkington leaf glass on the bottom border. Together, it creates a truly unusual lamp.

Often people have grandma's lamp with a broken shade and no idea what to do with it. Send us a photo and we can help you decide.

What a great way to keep a family heirloom alive.

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