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Beginning Stained Glass Class Fee

Beginning Stained Glass Class Fee

Beginning Stained Glass Class Fee
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A 4 week beginning stained glass class: Finish one stained glass panel using copper foil techniques, selected designs and your glass choice and engraved bevels. The copper foil technique is very versatile… used in crafts, suncatchers, hanging panels, and large architectural settings.

After taking beginning stained glass classes, students want to start other projects. Continue with copper foil or try sandblasting glass or glass painting classes, enhancing your options when creating new designs.

No experience required. Children accompanied by adult welcome. Order tools/supplies prior to class (below). Discounted class fee if purchasing tools with class registration. 10% discounted tools/supplies during class and at the time of registration. Purchase three lessons initially, with additional days as needed.

Gift certificates for classes: Great gifts for "crafters" wanting stimulating experiences!
Tools: Day 1: Glass Cutter, Glass Breaker, Running Pliers, Work Board, Safety Glasses (or prescription glasses), *Sheet Glass (choose from 6 options shown on this page), *Engraved Bevel Day 2-3: Soldering Iron, Flux, *Solder, *Copper Foil Day 3-4: Framing Material, Flux & Patina Remover, Patina, Glass Polish *Can purchased at my studio prior to class (or email / call for direction about your project). Cotton clothes work best, gloves (cotton / rubber) optional. Limited class sizes.
Features Benefits
Learn from well trained, experienced, instructors! Purchasing tools from the glass studio where classes are taken gives the benefit of learning about the tools, manufacturers warranties, help with problems, etc. An added benefit is discounted class fees when purchasing $75.00 (+) in tools/supplies at registration.
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