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Glass Bead Making Class Fee & Supplies

Glass Bead Making Class Fee & Supplies

Glass Bead Making Class Fee & Supplies
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This is a two hour class that can be continued as long as you want to continue to learn. You will start with the basics of glass bead making, learning about the tools, preparing mandrels, melting glass rods to wrap around the mandrels to make beads... and continuing on to create dots, stringer, and other ways to create texture and interest. Tools/supplies are required. A discount on the class fee is available if you purchase tools from me. A 10% discount on all tools and supplies is available during class periods or when purchased at the time you sign up for a class. It is only necessary to purchase one lesson at a time, but paying for 2-4 weeks at a time is a good idea, especially if you are purchasing tools and want to get the most out of your equipment. Required tools/supplies for a beginning student include: MAPP Gas and Safety Glasses. A list of recommended tools for working with beads at home is listed below and those items can be purchased at the same time you sign up for class. Those tools can be found on this page or on this web site on the Class Tools page. Cotton clothes work best and gloves (cotton or rubber) are an option. Class sizes are limited and may include students working on projects different than yours.

After taking a beginning bead making class, many students are anxious to move on to other projects. You can continue to work on advanced beadmaking techniques, perfecting your skill as you go. Or, you may want to try taking a sandblasting class to enhance your options when creating new designs on your glass beads.

Advanced stained glass classes are offered where you can come in with a design of your own and get guidance about how to approach it, what techniques work best, what glass to select, etc.

What a great gift for the "crafter" in your life who is looking for a stimulating experience. Enjoy!
No experience required. Children under 16 welcome if accompanied by adult. If renting my tools for this class, you will receive hands on experience, but it will be limited. For unlimited hands on experience, tools must be purchased prior to class beginning. See the kit available below.
Features Benefits
Learn from well trained, experienced, instructors! Make beads for jewelry, crafts, or to enhance your glasswork! Stand out from the crowd! Want to try glass blowing but can't afford it? Try bead making as an intro to working with hot glass.
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