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Glass Etching & Sandblasting Glass Class Fee

Glass Etching & Sandblasting Glass Class Fee

Glass Etching & Sandblasting Glass Class Fee
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This is a 2 week class where you will finish at least one glass panel using glass etching and sandblasting techniques on clear glass. Tools/supplies are required. A discount on the class fee is available if you purchase tools from me. A 10% discount on all tools and supplies is available during class periods or when purchased at the time you sign up for a class. Required tools for a glass etching and sandblasting student include: Etching cream, Rub'n Etch Stencil, Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses, 6"x9" clear glass bevel or 5"x7" clear glass bevel, glass engraving tool (or dremel with diamond bit), contact paper, masking tape, face mask (good for sandblasting). Those tools can be found on this web site on the Class Tools page. Class sizes are limited and may include students working on projects different than yours.

After taking a sandblasting and etching class, many students are anxious to move on to other projects where their newly acquired skills can be used. You can incorporate your etching/sandblasting work in stained glass panels. If you don't haved those skills alread, try taking a beginning stained glass class. If you are already experienced, consider an advanced class that will allow you to creatively add these skills to your work.

Advanced glass classes are offered where you can come in with a design of your own and get guidance about how to approach it, what techniques work best, what glass to select, etc.

What a great gift for the "crafter" in your life who is looking for a stimulating experience. Enjoy!
No experience is requried for this class. Children under the age of 16 are welcome if accompanied by a parent. Tools/supplies required prior to class beginning include: Safety glasses, mask, etching cream, rub'n etch stencil, contact paper, glass engraving tool (or dremel with diamond bit).
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Learn from well trained, experienced, instructors! Design stained glass for your own home or gifts for family and friends.
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