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Traditional Glass Painting On Glass Class Fee

Traditional Glass Painting On Glass Class Fee

Traditional Glass Painting On Glass Class Fee
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A 4 week class where you will finish at least one painted glass panel. Tools/supplies required. Discounted tools/supplies available during class periods or when purchased at registration. Cotton clothes work best and rubber gloves (cotton or rubber) are an option. Class sizes limited .

After taking a beginning glass painting class you WILL BE very anxious to continue and perfect your skills. Continuing classes in glass painting is a great way to do this. Or a new class in silk screening on glass is an exciting way to duplicate a design on glass multiple times with accuracy. Projects in silk screened classes can include your own design or one of our own if you are not confident with those skills yet. Glass painting and silk screening classes open up your options when creating custom designed glass.

In advanced painting classes you can come in with a design of your own and get guidance about how to approach it, what techniques work best, and how to perfect your skills, etc.

What a great gift for the "artist" in your life who is looking for a stimulating experience. Enjoy!
No experience is requried for this class. You must be 18 to attend. Kiln fees will be applied and varies depending on the number of students. Tools/supplies required prior to class beginning include: Traditional deluxe glass painting kit, face mask, gloves, safety glasses.
Features Benefits
Learn from well trained, experienced, instructors about techniques, tools, kilns, etc. Kiln fees are included in the class fee, thus class discounts not available for this class.
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