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Sold by the pound.

This is the only piece of glass I have like this. I purchased it from my supplier because I had never seen anything like it before. If you purchase it before I find a use for it, it's yours! Otherwise, you will find it in one of my custom stained glass panels.

It is a transluscent teal like glass with metallic gold swirled around it and metallic gold flat on the glass as well. In certain light, the metallic looks iridized. With sunlight behind it the gold swirls look amber.

This is a difficult piece of glass to send through the mail because of UPS restrictions. Like anything else though, for the right price it is possible. The difficulty here is that the glass is susceptible to breakage when shipped as a single piece of glass this size. And, it's unique qualities make you want to keep it all together as one sheet to get the full effect.

If you're interested in it but don't live near my studio where you can pick it up, please call or email Pat Deere so she can work out the details with you. This is a final sale item because of the shipping difficulty and possibility of breakage.

This is the kind of glass that lets your imagination run wild! And if your a glass artist, we thrive on that kind of stuff.

This would be a great piece to use in a custom stained glass panel, if your looking for something nobody else will have. Give Pat a call today!

Price is $30 per pound.
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