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Night Light and Bowl Set - Brownish

Night Light and Bowl Set - Brownish

Night Light and Bowl Set - Brownish
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Night light and fused glass bowl.
Night light: Approx. 4"x4.5"
Fused glass bolw: Approx. 3"-5".

These products can be sold separately for $15 each by request, but here are sold as a set for $25.00. Some of the nightlights are cut glass with naturally designed edges, some are fused crushed glass, and all are cut to utilize the best section of the glass. The nightlights are on a swivel plug allowing them to be turned in a different direction if it is in the way of a switch or other fixture. The fused glass bowls are great in the kitchen for pot scrubbers or holding jewlery while washing dishes, in the bathroom or bedroom they can hold similiar items or toothbrushes, and in any room they make wonderful votive candle holders. Business owners like to use them as business card holders.

Remember, this is art glass and each one will be unique! Most are a mixture of many colors with the color described being the most prominent.

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