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Framed Wedding Invitation

Framed Wedding Invitation

Framed Wedding Invitation
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One of my most popular requests is the framed wedding invitation. I have made so many, they can't all be shown. What you see here is just one example of a universal idea. This one was done on clear glass background with a beveled border around the whole thing. It has been edged with gold filigree and was accented with gold leaves and a pink dried flower to match the color of the bridal party. They range in price from $36 for a basic clear textured glass frame to $100 for more elaborate frames with lots of borders and embellishments. What most people order is usually $75-$80.

Remember, this is art glass and each one will be unique! Most glass is a mixture of many colors. The most prominent color shows in the description.

3-4 weeks are usually required for us to get your invite, make the frame, and get it back to you. We can, however, send you a gift card with a photo for you give for gift giving if you did not allow yourself the time to get this made prior to the wedding. The invite can then be sent directly to the wedding couple, or to you to give them personally. These are gifts that are treasured for years to come that won't likely be a duplicate of what somebody else bought.

Email us with your details and we will email you back a quote prior to payment.

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