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Antique Leaded Glass Framed Panel

Antique Leaded Glass Framed Panel

Antique Leaded Glass Framed Panel
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This is an antique window that appears to have been used as a cabinet door at one time. This came from a series of 3 leaded glass panels in various states of disrepair. This pieces has the best of all 3 panels but does still have a crack in the clear piece just underneath the orange square on the upper right hand side. There was not a piece big enough among the 3 panels to replace it with and changing it to a newer glass just would not have worked.

It is a beautiful piece of leaded glass with clean cut lines. Signs of an "antique" age still exist with the old glass, the original zinc came, and the original aqua paint on the back side of the frame. The zinc was been recemented when the broken or missing glass pieces were replaced so it is very solid. It is held in its original frame with new caulking and new paint on the side you see here. When I got it, this side was painted with a similar color of brown.

Use this as a cabinet door or hang it in a window or over a bar.
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