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Eternal Crucible

Eternal Crucible

Eternal Crucible
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The Eternal Crucible is a piece of stained glass art created by the combined effort between P.C.Bacon and Pat Deere.

Approximately 4'x6'

The glasswork, fabricated by Pat Deere, at Pictures In Glass, was designed by P. C. Bacon. It comes from her original oil painting titled, Eternal Crucible.

The theme, based on the relationship between male and female and the integration of opposites, is represented in allegorical imagery dating back in time and shared by various cultures throughout the history of man.

Interpreting Pam's artwork into stained glass was a rewarding challenge, allowing Pat to utilize a wide variety of glass. In the snake, scarab, and cross - dichroic glass was used. This is a glass that transmits one color and reflects another. It changes with the light of day and the angle it is viewed from. The clothing in the Buddha was cut from drapery glass utilizing a band saw to cut through the thickness. The clear background glass around the man and woman is a mouth blown glass called Lamberts Clear Reamy. A variety of other clear textured glasses were chosen for the quality and texture they would add to Pam's art.

This was originally created for a custom kitchen and bath shop that wanted a piece of art glass that would attract a lot of attention. I knew Pam wanted to see what this would look like in glass, so the process began. Now that kitchen and bath shop is closed and this piece needs a new home.

This is a close up view of the larger panel that can be seen on the front page of this section.
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