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Mandala Sculpture

Mandala Sculpture

Mandala Sculpture
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Pat Deere created this mandala in response to a meditative artwork using colored pencils. It was created in the same spirit the Tibetan Monks used. In ancient Tibet, as part of a spiritual practice, monks created intricate mandalas with colored sand made of crushed semiprecious stones. The tradition continues to this day as the monks travel to different cultures around the world to create sand mandalas and educate people about the culture of Tibet.

Starting with a drawing where the leaves were continuously flowing towards the center, other rings of color and design were added. The inside circle made of glass leaves cut to shape with a band saw are wrapped in copper wire. The rings surrounding it were created with painted glass and glass etching. The outside border holds a series of intricately cut glass piece that piece together loosly allowing light to filter through the cracks.

Once the glass mandala was finished, it need a frame that was as unique as the glass itself. The steel pieces were found objects welded together and allowed to rust naturally. The natural rust color is a perfect compliment for the glass it holds.

This is truly a piece that is much more beautiful when seen in person. The comments about it are never ending. Purchasing this for a home or office building will be a purchase you will always treasure.

This link explains what mandalas are, their history, etc.
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